What is the hook of an essay? Is it compulsory? How to create a thorough opening for any type of assignment? What words to choose? Here are only some of the questions that students ask themselves in the middle of the writing process.

They don’t know the hook essay definition, are not sure where to put it and prefer not to mess with attention grabber not to leave a negative impression. Fortunately, after reading this article, you will understand that starting an essay and opening body paragraphs with a catchy hook is easy.

This sentence aims to capture readers’ attention and make them curious about other parts of the text. Are you interested in finding out more useful tricks and tips? Then go on reading, and we will tell you how a perfect hook looks like no matter whether you are writing an essay about winter holidays, a script for a play, or a serious presentation.

What Is the Purpose of a Hook?

Many students ask us, ‘what is a good hook for an essay?’ They are not taught such things at school, and not everyone knows what is a metaphor. Fortunately, everything is not that difficult. A hook is a part of an introduction that aims to grab and hold the audience’s attention. Usually, it is one or two sentences long and fits perfectly into the general tone of the writing.

A distinguishing feature of this part is that it should be so intriguing and engaging that the audience would want to continue reading. A hook is used in almost any essay type, and there are tens of its variations, so you will find the most appropriate one.

However, it would be best if you remembered that this sentence doesn’t replace the introduction, and they should come together. To choose the right hook type, you should keep in mind two important issues:

  • The audience;
  • Essay type.

The same message may look completely different depending on the audience that is reading it. You should know your readers beforehand to find the most suitable and effective way to reach them. For example, a joke may be the best option for a high school narrative essay, while statistics – for a university research paper.

Here are the questions that you should ask yourself before writing a hook:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Are they reading my essay to solve a particular problem?
  • Are they looking for interesting data?
  • Are they in search of clear information on the issue?
  • Are they sure that I am an expert on this topic?

Give answers and write them down. Then take some time to analyze your notes, and we guarantee that you will understand what type of essay hook will be the most suitable one.

Hook Techniques You Should Know

There are many different ways to hook your reader. All of them aim to make these sentences interesting and strong and keep the readers’ attention throughout the text. Below we will talk about effective and appropriate sentence ideas. They will make the process of writing simple, and you’ll choose a catchy hook for an essay in no time.

Quotes by famous people

If you want to support the provided arguments and add them value, try to find a famous person’s relevant quote. However, it should back your thesis and be relatively short, not to bore the reader.

Keep in mind that some teachers find this hook type overused and even instruct their students not to use such quotes. But if you still decide to use it, make sure to find a genuinely unique quote that is not copied from the first website.

Quotations from books

These are definitely the most popular types of hooks and are usually used when writing about books, authors, literature concepts, etc. Starting your paper with a book quite sets the right tone for future writing.

Widely known misconception

Another great idea for a hook sentence is to introduce a popular misconception, i.e., the common truth, which is false. Thus, you’ll intrigue the audience and will make them want to know more.

Jokes and anecdotes

This hook type is not always appropriate but is a good option for descriptive and narrative essays. If you have a funny story or joke that doesn’t offend others, use it for the opening even if the rest of the essay is not humorous.

Such a hook helps to grab the attention of the reader and to stand out among other writers. However, the anecdote must be brief and relate to the topic. Keep in mind that in most essays, first-person is prohibited, so check the requirements before telling jokes using ‘I.’

Stories from your own life

So how do you write a hook? One of the safest and yet the most effective ways is to tell a personal story. It can be a description of your past experiences or a discussion of your style. Actually, anything related to the topic will do. However, try to exhibit good qualities and never be too familiar with the audience.

Statistics and facts

Facts and statistics are a great way to hook the audience. Conduct prior research of the information that may be valuable for your essay. The only rule here is to search for data only in reliable sources. Usually, teachers check all the facts, and if they find out that provided statistics are false, you may end up rewriting the whole essay over again.


This type of a hook sentence may motivate the readers to learn more and find out the answer. However, your question should be narrow and cover a specific topic. Instead of ‘yes or no’ questions, you can ask something rhetorical.

Unfortunately, together with celebrities’ quotes, this hook is used too often, so you need to brainstorm a bit to impress the audience with a good question.

Most people are visuals, which means that they perceive information visually. If the length of your essay and introduction allow, try to draw a scene with words. It will appeal to readers’ emotions and feelings, and people will find it much simpler to understand what you will discuss.


Readers love finding out something new, so a good idea for a hook is introducing new information. However, make sure not to copy a dictionary definition because teachers find this approach very annoying. Add exaggeration or shocking information to the description to help readers notice it.


Every introduction should include a thesis statement. It is the key point of your essay, which indicates what you are going to discuss. If you don’t have any ideas for a hook or lack space, make the thesis the hook sentence. Actually, when finding a catchy topic and argument, no other hook is needed.

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