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At the same time, writing such an academic document as an essay requires the availability of specific resources from which students will draw information for future paper. After similar, there may be the following options:

  • documents;
  • articles;
  • monographs;
  • biographies;
  • and other materials.

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The problem of consciousness as a paradox

Among all the mysteries of psychology, the problem of consciousness looks the most mysterious. The greatness of this secret is emphasized by attempts to uncover it, for the results obtained are more terrifying than encouraging. Each person knows that he has consciousness and is able to be aware of the world around him and his own experiences. We perceive the world and ourselves with immediate evidence. If, for example, I am hungry, then I do not need to consult with anyone to find out if I really want to eat. And if I hear the sound of rain on the street, then I understand that when leaving the house, I must take an umbrella and not plug my ears. And there is no need to find out if I am reading a book, whether I am actually reading it, and not someone else. I just know about all this – and that’s it. It would seem, what is the problem?

So, on the one hand, no one doubts that consciousness exists. But on the other hand, only the existence of his own consciousness is obvious to everyone. How, for example, can one determine whether animals or newborns have consciousness? They cannot give their opinion on this matter and tell how they really feel. In general, what is experienced by me as obvious cannot be transferred to another person as equally obvious? If I have a toothache, then another can believe me that they hurt me, can sympathize, remembering how his teeth hurt, but he cannot experience my toothache the way I do. My experience is always egocentric since only I experience it.

It is often said that animals do not and cannot have consciousness. But how can this statement be verified in any way? After all, I can only speculate about the presence of consciousness in someone other than myself, but not known. And no animal (whether it has consciousness or not) can ever answer questions. Even less like a verifiable statement that our consciousness does not disappear with the death of the body but moves to some other spheres – in this case, there is no one to even ask.

How can consciousness be explained? We all somehow imagine what consciousness is, but only until we think about it. And if you think about it, this is where problems arise: how to explain what is already obvious? After all, to explain is to find a way of reasoning so that the incomprehensible and unclear becomes obvious. However, the emergence of consciousness cannot be a consequence of some processes of this consciousness itself (otherwise, consciousness should have existed even before it arose), which means that the nature of consciousness cannot be given to us with the immediate evidence that is inherent in ourselves. Explainable phenomena of consciousness.

At least, for this reason, any reasoning about consciousness will always be more complicated and foggier than the experience of clarity, the primordial evidence, which is given to us by consciousness. But can an explanation that turns the clear into vaguer be satisfying?

Consciousness eludes explanation. However, first of all, you need to agree on how you can explain anything at all. There are many different ways of knowing: logical, mystical, practical, the way of natural science, and the way of humanitarian science. And we have to choose a path on which we will seek an explanation in accordance with this select the language in which we can describe this explanation, and finally select the criteria to make a decision about the success (satisfactory) made explanations.

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